Wide and Big Selection of Teas at Arnold’s Tea

Another great thing about Arnold’s Tea is that there are many places to park your car nearby, including on-street parking. This means that you do not have to drive in circles looking for a parking spot. Also, there is an electronic parking kiosk which makes parking even more convenient.

Arnold’s Tea offers a wide selection of green teas. One of the most attention-grabbing green tea selections on the menu is Dragonwell. Perhaps what makes you curious when you see this item is the question of whether the tea is medicinal enough, strong enough to make a dragon well. Could you use it to tame a dragon? Regardless of the answer, this is a wonderful green tea selection worth trying at Arnold’s Tea. Another wonderful green tea selection is matcha. However, this is a tea that you might have to work up to. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you pronounce it as MAT-cha or MAW-cha, this is a delightful drink to indulge in. The ginger and turmeric tea is also quite delightful.

The next choice to make after you have decided on the tea selection is the size of the cup you would like. Arnold’s Tea serves tea in mugs. The small one is taupe. The next sizes are medium and large. The medium mug has a flared wall while the large mug has a straight wall. This creates the illusion that the medium mug is almost as big as the large mug. The medium mug comes in a brown color while the large mug is white.

Giant pastries and cookies are temptingly displayed near the cash register. A little further from the counter is a fruit basket with bananas to take alongside your cup of tea. This is also a great excuse to visit Arnold’s Tea if you have not had a banana for a long time.

The green tea is delicious and a delight to smell. It has a green smell that’s fresher than your usual green teas at home. The green tea smells more like fresh green grass with a touch of clover mint blossom, rather than dried grass. The green tea at Arnold’s Tea is tasteful, to say the least. The first sip is not accompanied by a metallic tang, and the tea doesn’t taste like it’s coming from a container that’s in a competition for the Greenest trophy with it. With the second sip, the flavor begins to unfurl. Your palate begins to feel the sweetness of the tea, so cup it, and cup it with both hands. The third sip is one of the most satisfying sips on the planet. With the third sip, it feels as if your whole mouth has become green but in a delightful way. It feels very good when the warmth is going down. It is unexpectedly surprising and pleasing at the same time.

One of the reasons why people like to frequent coffee shops or tea houses is to relax, and it goes without saying that an establishment’s atmosphere plays a great role in determining whether customers are likely to spend their time there. Arnold’s Tea has one of the most relaxed atmospheres you would expect to find in a Tea House. The laid back and casual vibe at Arnold’s Tea makes it a great place to enjoy a lovely cup of tea, or catch up with some friends.