Arnold’s Tea – One of Pittsburgh’s Best Tea House

Every person has their view of what comprises a perfect cup of coffee. However, no matter what you think is a perfect cup of coffee, it always has some dimensions. Ideally, the tea should have a balance of aroma and nuanced flavor and be stepped in the correct temperature for the proper amount of time to create the highest quality leaves. Another thing that’s very important when it comes to tea, is the atmosphere of the setting. A good tea house should be inviting and have areas that are suitable for casual meet-ups as well as working alone. Whether it serves tea or coffee or acts as a stand-alone tea house, it should provide high-quality tea in an atmosphere that boosts focus, relaxation, or conversation.

One of the places in the United States known for its mushrooming coffee and tea houses is Pittsburgh. In the past few years, Pittsburgh has witnessed the establishment of several independent coffee shops. The city’s tea scene has been growing more silently in tandem, as new tea shops join the old ones. For a mid-sized city, Pittsburgh has a wide selection of tea shops. It would be no exaggeration to state that there are enough tea houses in Pittsburgh to form a Tea Association. Tea lovers in Pittsburgh have endless options, from the large tea shops to the small tea shops, to the multi-faceted tea shops providing hundreds of items. 

One of the best tea houses in Pittsburgh is Arnold’s Tea. Arnold’s Tea is named after a retired teacher whose longtime goal was to run a tea house (but ended up working at Frost Arnett instead!). Arnold’s Tea is situated on the East Ohio Street of the North Side and offers a wonderful tea selection alongside light fares such as salads, soups, and sandwiches. Arnold’s Tea is inviting, peaceful, and warm. The owner, Arnold, is one of the most delightful people around and is known to great people personally. If you like to browse the internet, you will be happy to learn that there is free and strong WiFi at Arnold’s Tea. This by itself is a reasonable excuse to visit the Tea House when you happen to be in the area. 

The store’s plate-glass storefront is designed to allow ample natural light, and the seating area is sufficiently large to simultaneously accommodate both a quiet study and light conversation and a wall-recessed fireplace and comfortable couch for guests to relax. Arnold’s Tea also features a selection of tee paraphernalia that is moderate if you are seeking a new teapot or kettle. Try a cup of something sweet such as lavenade (a delightful combination of slightly sweetened lavender tea, basil, and lemonade), or ginseng green tea, and what follows will be one of the most delightful days of your week.

Arnold’s Tea is appealing for many reasons. One of them is a convenient location. The tea shop is easily accessible even if you are not familiar with the streets of the North Side. There are many paths that you can take to reach Arnold’s Tea. The Northway parkway is the swiftest. Other routes include the east-west parkway and the north-south parkway. However, you might want to avoid the north-south parkway in the morning due to the traffic which can be frustrating at times.